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 HCG Activator, 120 Capsules
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BioGenetics Isatori HCG Activator 120 Capsules

BioGenetics Isatori Global HCG Activator, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, as it is medically known, allows the body to burn excess body fat by using that fat as a food source. HCG helps make up the difference in the calories it needs to function by using your stored fat as food. As a result, you will burn fat more quickly, and from areas that are typically harder to reduce. An additional benefit of HCG is that you will feel less hunger cravings and desires to snack between meals, despite undergoing a restrictive-calorie diet. This will help you maintain your diet and improve your motivation to continue.

HCG is safe to use. As evidenced by over 47 clinical studies, and after being used successfully by thousands of patients since 1954, HCG had been medically claimed as safe and free of any unwanted side effects. HCG Activator is 100% stimulant free, and is derived from certified premium grade raw materials (the very purest materials available) which are then processed according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), made in the U.S.A. And to help you succeed, the official "HCG Diet Plan" is included along with free access to an online support center with other successful HCG dieters. BioGenetics Isatori HCG Activator is the only product based on legitimate medical science. HCG Activator does not claim to be a "miracle pill" but instead uses a scientific dietary formula and medically researched protocol that is based on Dr. Simeons' diet, proven to reduce obesity, excess weight, and more specifically stubborn bodyfat. Now, you can enjoy the powerful effects of HCG without costly, painful injections with the only natural alternative to HCG medical administration that actually works.

Do I have to eat only the food recommended on the list or can I combine any food to meet the 500 calories? The food listed in the diet protocol is very specific to the diet plan and how it works. For the best most optimal results we recommend following the diet plan as closely as possible. Any substitutions or straying from the diet can affect the weight loss.

Can I take this when on my menstrual cycle and if I do what will happen? Yes. If you have already been taking Activator and get your menstrual cycle you can continue to take the supplement at this time. You may notice a slight slow down or stall during your Time of Month but once your cycle is over the weight loss should resume.

Can I take this with other medications? If you are on prescription meds or under the care of a doctor for an existing medical condition, please speak to your doctor before starting any new supplementation or diet program.

Do I have to do the gorging days? Why? Yes. The gorge days are very important. The more calories you take in on these two days the more manageable the diet is the first few days of 500 calorie diet.

Being on this for awhile, I feel so satisfied do I have to eat all the food on the plan every day? Yes, the appetite suppressant in the supplement is fantastic! However it is very important not to go under the 500 calories each day, you must eat at least the 500 calories every day to continue to lose weight. Taking in less than this can cause your body to go into starvation mode and weight loss to stop.

Why can’t we wear Make-up or use oil based products? Any oils you put on or in your body can potentially slow the results.

Will I gain all the weight back after I have lost it with HCG Activator? The important thing to remember is when weight loss is achieved if you go back to old habits, over indulging in un-healthy foods or just plain over eating you can gain weight. However, if you apply the knowledge you have gained during your weight loss journey, such as portion control, cooking healthy, making better choices you should be able to maintain your new weight successfully.

Do I have to use a Colon Cleanse with your supplement for it to work? You can if you would like. HCG is very effective on its own.

Why cant you take a diuretic when on HCG Activator? Because with lack of excess carbohydrates in the body, it will hold onto less water. Water holds electrolytes. Electrolytes, or lack thereof, will cause cramping and headaches.

Can a man take this? Yes. Both men and women can take HCG Activator and studies show men have had more success with it than women.

Why are some fruits and veggies allowed but not others? The diet is designed to avoid High Sugar, Starch and Fats. Although fruits and veggies are good for you, some tend to be higher in sugars and starches than others. For the best results stick to the fruits and veggies that are listed in the Diet pamphlet.

What if I don’t have a scale how do I know how much 3.5 oz looks like? 100 grams or 3. 5 oz is first a raw measurement. If you do not have a scale it is approximately the size of a closed fist or the palm of your hand not including the fingers.

I don’t think I can eat only 500 calories a day, should I return the bottle? To see rapid weight loss results as described on the bottle, of up to 1 pound per day, it is recommended to follow the 500 calorie diet plan. However, every person is different. So they have included optional 1500 calorie diet plan as well. Also with very specific food recommendations. You can still see weight loss but not as rapidly as those who are eating the 500 calories.

What is hCG? hCG stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin (pronounced Core-eon-ik Go-na-dotro- pin). It is a hormone that is produced naturally by women while they are pregnant, and it is normally administered by a medical doctor in daily, painful injections that cost about $400 to $600 per month. When used in conjunction with the official 500-calorie hCG diet, it tells your body to release stored fat to be used as energy. As a result of burning this excess fat, users typically lose 1 to 2 pounds per day, and they don't feel hungry.

What is hCG Activator? hCG Activator is a new weight-loss pill, developed by BioGenetic Laboratories, that provides a natural hCG alternative to medical administration. By stimulating your body's own hormones, using scientifically validated ingredients, you can expect to instantly reduce hunger, lose about 1 pound a day, and lose up to 30 pounds in a month!

How do I take hCG Activator? Taking hCG Activator couldn't be easier. Simply take two small capsules, twice daily, with a full glass of water, preferably on an empty stomach. Take one serving (two capsules) upon waking and another serving six hours later, between lunch and dinner. The hCG diet protocol (provided free, inside every purchase) is to be used in conjunction with hCG Activator. One cannot be used without the other if you expect satisfactory results in weight loss.

Are there any scientific studies supporting your product? Yes. There are over 47 clinical studies documenting the weight-loss and psychological effects of the key ingredients inside hCG Activator. These studies show that users can expect an instant reduction in hunger and, when combined with the scientifically designed diet protocol, lose about 1 pound a day and up to 30 pounds of body weight in a month. And, equally important, these studies reported the ingredients were safe and showed no negative side effects.

Why is the 500-calorie diet important? hCG causes your hypothalamus to "unlock" the fat out of the fat storage locations so it's available for use as a food source. While you are only consuming 500 calories, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. Because of this, your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day. The result is your body is burning thousands of calories from stored fat off your body each day, which is the reason hCG dieters lose 1 to 2 pounds of body weight or more, per day.

What is the hypothalamus gland? The hypothalamus gland is located near your brain and moderates the thyroid, adrenals, endocrine system, and more importantly, your metabolic rate—thus, your fat storage.

Will I feel hungry while using hCG? Because hCG is mobilizing your stored fat, your body will be constantly fed by the broken down fat. Most people report a feeling of being satisfied while using hCG, even though their actual food intake is only 500 calories.

How can I survive on only 500 calories a day? hCG releases 1,500 to 4,000 calories (from your stored fat) in addition to the 500 calories you are eating, which is equal to a 2,000- to 4,000-calorie diet, which is why people do not feel hungry while on the hCG Diet.

Wouldn't I lose 1 to 2 pounds without hCG if I were eating only 500 calories? If you attempted to lose weight by eating only 500 calories without hCG, your body would eventually resist and "back-fire" because it would think you were starving and would begin to store additional fat as a reserve energy source.

How much weight can I expect to lose? Weight loss varies between .5 pound and 3 pounds per day, with the average loss being 1 to 2 pounds per day. Interestingly, men normally fair slightly better than women.

Is it healthy to lose 1 to 2 pounds a day with hCG? While losing 1 to 2 pounds daily without the use of hCG would be unhealthy, the hCG in fact changes this. You lose fat and the weight loss comes directly from this fat loss and does not strip the body.

Are there any side effects with using hCG? There are no documented side effects associated with hCG. Very few experience slight headaches or dizziness for the first few days, but this is rare and should subside within a day or two. Keep in mind, hCG has been used for weight loss for over 50 years, successfully, so there is plenty of evidence to back up its safety.

Who can use the diet? The treatment works for almost everyone—young, old, female, or male. You can use hCG if your BMI (Body Mass Index) value is no lower than 20. Always check with your primary physician before beginning any new weight-loss program. Do NOT use hCG if you are pregnant, nursing, or contemplating pregnancy.

Can vegetarians use hCG for weight loss? Yes, vegetarians can use hCG for weight loss following the vegetarian diet protocol.

How do I keep my goal weight once I stop using hCG? Don't think of hCG as just a short-term diet. The hCG program helps "reset" your metabolism and your fat regulation system, so your body no longer is triggered into storing unneeded fat. But, be sure to follow the diet accordingly, as you will need to continue to be aware of the foods you take into your body and weigh yourself daily.

Will I keep the weight off, permanently? After the hCG diet, you will find your appetite has decreased, your eating behavior will be dramatically altered, and your body will, of course, have changed its overall appearance. This is the perfect opportunity to adopt the new, healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight. You will find a minimum amount of exercise will be sufficient for maintaining a very healthy body—anything from yoga to 20 minutes of walking a day, whatever you enjoy that keeps your heart pumping vigorously. With your metabolism reset, your body will react differently to foods than before, and you will be able to eat moderately without feeling the need to overeat. Among the people who have followed this program, 75% to 90% have had hardly any or no difficulty maintaining their new, ideal weight.

What is the difference between your hCG pills, hCG drops, and hCG injections? hCG drops are considered “homeopathic remedies,” which contain a trace (if any) of the active ingredients needed to be effective. Drops are very inconvenient, as they are taken under the tongue 50 to 60 droplets at a time, 5 to 6 times a day, and typically taste bad. hCG that is medically administered requires a prescription from a qualified physician and is injected with a syringe. Injections are painful, taken daily, and cost about $400 to $600 per month. hCG Activator pills, on the other hand, are very convenient to use and extremely effective. Simply take two small capsules a day, and the powerful formula inside of hCG Activator helps stimulate your body's own hormones, using scientifically validated ingredients. hCG Activator is the ONLY pill formula in existence and is manufactured in a certified-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility, in the U.S.A.

Should I have a prescription and doctor involved while using hCG? Whenever considering a weight-loss program, consult with your healthcare provider. With that said, hCG Activator does not require a prescription.

How long should I take the pills? You should take the pills as long as you are following the hCG Diet. However, you can take the pills for up to 12 weeks at a time. You can expect to lose about 1 pound of weight for every day you follow the program. If you have more than 35-40 pounds to lose, you can do more cycles after taking a break of at least 3 weeks.

Am I safe to take antibiotics on the hCG diet? Antibiotics are safe to take during the hCG diet, but please remember to follow the instructions provided by your physician.

Can I take hCG while using birth control? hCG has not been shown to interfere with birth control; however, if you are pregnant, nursing, or contemplating pregnancy, you should not use hCG.

Should women start taking hCG when on their periods? The best time for women to start the hCG weight-loss program is immediately AFTER a period or menstruation cycle.

Can hCG be used while breastfeeding? No. It is best to ask your healthcare provider though it is known that hCG is naturally produced by women during pregnancy and menstruation.

Can men use hCG for weight loss? Yes, men find great success in using hCG for weight loss. In fact, it's been reported that men actually fair slightly better than women.

What can I eat when I am on the diet? You will be eating normal, healthy food that is easy to find at your local grocery store. You will have 2 proteins, 2 vegetables, 2 fruits, and 2 cracker servings per day. You must follow the diet protocol very strictly and take your hCG Activator pills as recommended, for best results. There are a lot of great recipes to choose from at

I'm a lacto-ovo vegetarian. What can I eat? You will eat the same vegetables, fruits, and crackers mentioned in the normal protocol. For protein, you would substitute meat with 8 ounces of skim milk or a half cup cottage cheese. Vegetarians can expect to lose an average of a ½ pound per day.

Can I use salt? Yes. There are no restrictions on the use of salt, though it's always a good idea to keep salt (especially table salt) in moderation. Be sure to read the ingredients on any seasonings you use to be sure they don't contain any added sugar.

Can I drink alcohol while I am taking hCG? No. Alcohol is not allowed while you are taking the hCG.

Can I exercise? Yes, exercise is permitted but not required. If you choose to exercise, keep your intensity level mild to moderate. Avoid strenuous activity. If you feel light-headed, lower your intensity. Consult with your primary physician before starting any exercise or diet program.

What kind of exercise can I do? Walking, jogging, yoga, Pilates, light resistance training, dancing, and aerobics are examples of exercise you can perform. Be sure to keep your intensity level below moderate, and if you feel light-headed or dizzy, slow down. Consult with your primary physician before starting any exercise or diet program.

What kind of make-up/cosmetics can I use? Mineral make-up is best. Whatever you use must be oil free. Be sure to read the ingredients on everything you put on your skin to be sure it doesn't contain oil. If you use products containing oil, you will stall your weight loss while following the program.

What about shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste? Most people can safely continue to use their regular hygiene products without affecting their weight loss.

Can I use lotion? Be sure to read the ingredients on anything you put on your skin to be sure it is free of any oils. There is a possibility that if it contains oil, your body will absorb it and cause you to not lose weight as efficiently. Baby oil, mineral oil, and corn huskers lotion are all safe alternatives.

How long will a bottle of hCG Activator last? A 120-capsule bottle of premium hCG Activator will complete a 30-day program.

Does your hCG come with the diet plan? Yes. It comes with the scientifically designed 500-calorie diet plan, ready to use.


Suggested use

As a dietary supplement, take one serving (2 capsules) twicedaily with a full glass of water, preferably on an empty stomach. Take one serving, uponwaking (before breakfast); and take the second serving six hours later (between lunch anddinner). Please read the entire label carefully before use, and follow directions.


BioGenetics Isatori HCG Activator 120 Capsules
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Capsules
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving %DV
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) Glycopeptide Stimulating Complex 758 mg *
Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride *
L-Arginine (as alpha-ketoglutarate) *
Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Phytosome decaffeinated extract (leaf) *
Saffrolite (Crocus sativus L.) Extract (stigma) [std. to 0.34% safranal (0.3 mg)] *
Black Cohosh (either Actaea racemosa or Cimicifuga racemosa) standardized as saponins *
Huperzine A (Huperzia serrata 1%) *
*Daily Value Not Established.†Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
Other Ingredients: Rice Flour, Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source), Silicone Dioxide.


KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not intended for individuals under the age of 18, unless instructed by a doctor. This product contains black cohosh, which is not to be used while pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician prior to use if you have high blood pressure or heart problems or are taking prescription drugs. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Seek the advice of a healthcare professional before beginning any supplement or exercise program. This product contains black cohosh, which is not to be used while pregnant or nursing. Improper use of this product will not improve results and is not advised. DO NOT USE IF SAFETY SEAL UNDER CAP IS BROKEN.

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