Perfume Oil Vanilla Musk, 1 Dram instructions

 Perfume Oil Vanilla Musk, 1 Dram
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Triloka Perfume Oil Vanilla Musk 1 Dram

Triloka Perfume Oil Vanilla Musk is a blend of plant and flower essences in a vegetable oil base. No harmful chemicals or alcohol are use. Triloka perfume oils are produced without animal testing, and no dyes or harmful chemicals are used. Natural essential oil are used whenever possible; however, some fragrances utilize natural identicals. Since Windrose Trading Company does not manufacture the Triloka perfume oils, they are unable to provide customers with the exact ingredients in these oils, but they have been assured that all ingredients are of the highest quality. Customers with a specific allergy to any oil product should not use Triloka perfume oils. Triloka Perfume Oil is for external use only.

Fair Trade Background of Windrose Trading Company At Windrose, they provide the highest quality Triloka aromatherapy incense and handcrafted gifts by supporting Fair Trade cottage industry partners. Windrose founders were among the first pioneers of Fair Trade cottage industry in India and Nepal. It has always been at the core of the values to partner with suppliers who are supporting worthy projects or foundations.

Net profits from a long-time Triloka incense producer have been supporting an Ayurvedic free clinic in India for over 20 years. The sage is sustainably harvested by a Native American reservation cooperative, which is preserving a sacred native tradition while providing income for an impoverished community. For over a decade, the main partner providing Nepali handcrafts has supported a monastery housing over 200 monks.

One of Triloka's long-time Indian partners is a member of IFAT, the International Fair Trade Organization. This group has been actively promoting Fair Trade since the 1970s, and has made tremendous impact on the community through their efforts. They focus on ensuring that all artisans have the training and support needed. They educate and campaign against child labor and illiteracy, while promoting environmental awareness and human rights. Their efforts continue to expand and they grow, and more artisans are benefitting from being part of this collaboration all the time.

Developing and maintaining long-term, sustainable relationships with the Fair Trade partners is an integral part of Windrose Trading's culture. Many of the partners have been improving products since the brand was founded in 1977. Fair Trade partnerships are based on the Gandhian concept of cottage industry, in which production happens in small workshops or in the home. Producers determine the price for the finished product. They have visited many of the workplaces, and they are safe and pleasant environments. Triloka supports Fair Trade partners in many ways. Depending on the need, they sometimes advance suppliers payment in order for them to more easily produce items. They also adapt some of the artisans' designs to appeal to the western market and accommodate current trends, ensuring greater sales of the items they create. Windrose plans to continue to nurture and support these partnerships for many years to come.

Fair Trade can be defined as trading practices that promote worker welfare, minimize environmental damage, and allow producers to increase their living standards. In Fair Trade cottage industry partnerships such as Windrose Trading, production happens in small family businesses, often at home. Therefore, the working conditions and prices for the finished products are set by the producers themselves. The primary focus is to partner with suppliers who are supporting worthy projects, foundations or individual families. They are committed to working with partners who are environmentally conscious, use recycled materials and sustainable practices. They travel each year to visit their working partners and collaborate on new projects, products and designs. Triloka stays in their homes and are treated like family. It is the experience of a lifetime!

  • India (Incense Handcrafted Items): Windrose Fair Trade partners in India have been rolling their Triloka Herbal Incense since 1977! These partners are multi-generational family businesses that provide men and women in their communities with good jobs that would otherwise be unavailable. One partner operates a Professional Ayurvedic Clinic and provides free treatment and care to its region. Triloka has long-standing partnerships with Indian Fair Trade groups that supply their handcrafted items. One of the larger groups that supplies handcrafted items is a member of the Fair Trade organization of India, which is an Indian venture and association of craftspeople and social workers that creates cleaner and safer workshops and work environments. The payment of workers is good and free schooling for the children, and healthcare is provided. Needless to say, there is no child labor and children are regularly bailed out of child servitude. Several western and Indian designers support the craftspeople by creating designs suitable for the western marketplace. This organization has been promoting Fair Trade for 20 years and is recognized by the Indian labor ministry.
  • Nepal (Textiles, Jewelry, Singing Bowls): Windrose Fair Trade has worked with their Fair Trade partners in Nepal for over 25 years. This company was established to financially support a large Tibetan Buddhist monastery. Profits help support this monastery. The monastery now houses over 200 young monks living in exile. Triloka has inspected the workshops and visited the monastery many times. It is an amazing, beautiful, clean, joyful place. This company supplies many of the textile items, such as silk and brocade bags, as well as silver jewelry, copper bracelets and Tibetan singing bowls, bells and more.
  • North America (Native American Smudges): Triloka Global Shaman smudges are wildcrafted in a sustainable manner that preserves and respects the natural environment. Their partners are preserving a Native American tradition while providing income for their families. Triloka is honored to support this effort, which is bringing hope to a community in poverty.
  • India (Sterling Silver Jewelry): This inspirational jewelry is handmade by the Fair Trade cottage industry partners in Northern India. One of the cottage industry partners is an amazing husband and wife team that embodies Fair Trade and preserves the art of handcrafted jewelry making and gemstone cutting.

Aromatherapy and the Triloka Difference Aromatherapy is an ancient science of alternative healing that uses the positive influence of aroma on the mind and body to promote helpful mental and physical healing effects. Triloka provides a complete line of natural aromatherapy products and accessories. Triloka herbal stick and cone incense, essential oils, anointing oils and smudges are of the highest quality from natural sources. Their unique handmade incense holders, soapstone diffusers and smudge vessels provide a complete solution to your aromatherapy healing program.

The holistic healing science of aromatherapy dates back to ancient times when healers used plants to heal the body and lift the emotions. Aromatherapy uses several mediums of delivery to achieve this end. Incense, essential oils, perfume oils and anointing oils are all avenues to achieve a healing balance both physically and mentally.

Ayurveda, the science of life, is the oldest recorded system of medicine in the world. Within the Ayurveda, the use of natural plants consisting of herbs, grasses, woods, gums, resins, seeds and flowers makes up the body of the science of aroma. Closely allied with Ayurveda, the discipline of yoga applies fragrance to enhance relaxation and promote the meditation experience.

Positive influence obtained through aromatherapy comes from aroma and its impact on the olfactory system having pharmacological effects on the brain. Aromatic compounds alter mental state, mood, cognitive function and health in the most natural manner without disruption of the functions of mind or body. Balance of energies, relaxation and clarity of mind - all are addressed through this science.

Triloka brand of natural products are made using the principles of aromatherapy above, transforming ancient science into products for use as simple alternative healing tools. The reason Triloka incense is ideal for aromatherapy is that it is made traditionally according to the masala method. This ancient method combines natural herbs, gums, resin, woods and oils that are kneaded into a paste and hand-rolled onto fine bamboo sticks and sun dried. Burning these real, high quality ingredients, releases the properties desired in aromatherapy. Incense is never dipped in perfumes or oils, and will hold fragrance for many years.

Triloka natural herbal incense, smudges, perfume oils, essential oils and anointing oils are complemented by classic incense holders, soapstone diffusers, resin burners and smudge vessels to bring a complete solution to ones aromatherapy needs.

Welcome to Windrose Trading Company, the sole importers of Triloka brand aromatherapy and natural products! Since 1977, Triloka Natural Herbal Incense has been the highest handmade traditional incense, hand blended from the finest natural herbs, woods, oils, gums and resins, with absolutely no dipping. They work with fair trade cottage industry partners in India, Nepal and Thailand to bring you the most beautiful fair trade handcrafted gift items available. Purchases of these products help support the cottage industry artisans and their families. They are committed to working with partners who are environmentally friendly and use recycled materials and sustainable practices.

Windrose Trading Company was founded in 1977, when a group of pioneering young environmentalists created a wholesale natural products business and the Triloka brand of herbal aromatherapy incense to serve the natural, health, gift and metaphysical marketplaces. They began in Maryland, and relocated to their home in Madison, Virginia in 1994. Triloka supports an amazing network of fair trade cottage industry partners in India and Nepal. Triloka was one of the earliest pioneers of Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly and Sustainability in this industry.

Triloka's Mission:

  • Develop and wholesale the highest quality, most recognized, natural brand of Triloka herbal incense, aromatherapy products, handicrafts and jewelry.
  • Offer a simple, handmade range of products that naturally bring fragrance, beauty, peace, joy and happiness to the consumer
  • Provide the retail customers with the brand that sells through consistently and always give them the highest level of customer service, value, and professionalism.
  • Provide a happy, healthy and profitable work environment for Team Members
  • Work with fair trade cottage industry partners, worthy projects, foundations and individual families who are environmentally friendly, using recycled materials and sustainable practices.
  • Sell these products through retailers that share similar values, ideals and concerns
  • Triloka's philosophy is to work and trade in accordance with natural laws and processes that do not create more problems or imbalances.

"We belong to the Earth, the Earth does not belong to us."


Suggested use

Apply to pulse points or elsewhere on the body, as desired.


Plant and Flower essence blended in a vegetable oil base.


For external use only.

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Madison, VA,

About Triloka

Aromatherapy is an ancient science of alternative healing that uses the positive influence of aroma on the mind and body to promote helpful mental and physical healing effects. Triloka provides a complete line of natural aromatherapy products and accessories. Triloka herbal stick and cone incense, essential oils, anointing oils and smudges are of the highest quality from natural sources. Our unique handmade incense holders, soapstone diffusers and smudge vessels provide a complete solution to your aromatherapy healing program.


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