Canning Jar Drinking Lid Wide Mouth Clear instructions

 Canning Jar Drinking Lid Wide Mouth Clear
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Cuppow - Canning Jar Drinking Lid Wide Mouth Clear

Cuppow Canning Jar Drinking Lid Wide Mouth Clear lets you turn any wide mouth mason jar into a glass travel mug. Its perfect for everything from coffee to cocktails. Ditch the disposable cup! Made from recyclable, BPA free plastic, this lid fits onto your favorite canning jar, so you can enjoy spill-free sipping while on the move, or at your desk!

Canning Jar Drinking Lid Wide Mouth Clear Features:

  • Enjoy spill-free sipping
  • Turns a canning jar into a travel mug
  • Fits wide mouth jars
  • Great for coffee, cocktails or smoothies
  • Perfect for on-the-go
  • Made from BPA-free recycled plastic
  • Dishwasher friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cuppow reusable?Yes! Their goal is to divert as much waste as possible from landfills, so Cuppow was designed to be sturdy and long-lasting; you should be able to reuse it indefinitely! They want you to enjoy it again and again for years to come! With each use you’re diverting disposable lids and containers from the waste stream. Throw away the throwaway lifestyle!

What is Cuppow made from?Cuppow is made from a carefully selected food safe plastic that is just the right thickness for both durability and ease of use for hot and cold beverages. It won’t stain or bend and it also boasts great environmentally friendly qualities including:

  • BPA free
  • BPS free
  • Phthalate free

The plastic used is 100% recycled (from post-industrial sources) and is 100% recyclable. Because it’s recycled and recyclable (including the packaging!) every Cuppow is a part of a completely sustainable cycle that diverts waste from landfills.

Is plastic really safe for consumers and their kids?Yep! The right plastics in the right places can actually be a beautiful thing. Plastics that are certified safe for use with food and drink, like that used to make Cuppow, are safe for users of all ages. There is no leaching and no harmful compounds (Cuppow is entirely free of BPA, BPS, and phthalates). It’s an incredibly versatile and durable material- and when using superior quality plastic like they’ve selected, it’s something that can be used safely for a long time.

They did consider making Cuppow from other types of materials, but their extensive research and testing convinced them that the correct source of plastic would ultimately be safer than a product made with metal or glass, and would last longer than if it were made from silicone. They’re truly committed to making this the safest possible product out there (they have kids too!) and they’re doing their best at every step along the process.

Where is Cuppow made?Cuppow products are made entirely in Massachusetts, USA. The many benefits of local and low-impact manufacturing are cornerstones of their company. Keeping their manufacturing in the USA, and within an hour’s drive from their headquarters, allows them to verify that their quality control standards are met, thereby allowing them to deliver you the most perfect product possible.

Their headquarters are at Fringe Union in Somerville, MA where Cuppow was imagined, designed, tested, and where their handmade letterpress packaging is produced from recycled materials by Repeat Press.

Is Cuppow dishwasher friendly?Yes! Simply keep it with silverware or somewhere secure - it’s so light that it can get blown around and end up next to the heating element.

What size straws can be used with Cuppow?Any standard size flexible straws will work with both wide and regular mouth lids; rigid straws are limited to 0.24” [or 6mm] in outer diameter.

About Cuppow

Mission: Cuppow is an American company that develops everyday products that help people live a low-impact life.

How it StartedCuppow started by developing a product that would help them decrease their own environmental footprint. Their flagship product is the Cuppow drinking lid for canning jars, a simple adaptor that allows people to upcycle an everyday item into the only travel mug they’ll ever need. They bring this same intention into all of their products by designing for utility and simplicity.

Core ValuesThey develop quality products robust enough to last a lifetime. Their products are designed so they can have a lower impact on the world around them. They develop products that can be used everyday as alternatives to disposables. They want these things to be go-tos, the items you don’t leave home without. Take them everywhere you go, every day, and enjoy using them every single time you do.

Cuppow uses only domestic options in their supply, manufacturing, and fulfillment. They’re an American company, so they support American jobs. They believe that a strong and healthy country is founded on good work, so they do their best to support this: all of the vendors in their supply chain share their values and are companies that they believe in. Their work builds community, and they don’t see the point in making sustainable products that are shipped here from overseas.

They encourage customers to buy from local brick and mortar stores in the hopes of supporting vibrant Main Streets in every town. This way, the cash you spend on their products stays locally within your community.

Cuppow uses recycled and safe materials. They work hard to source high quality and responsibly produced materials in order to make premium products for their customers. Opting to use recycled materials in their products is a cornerstone of their ongoing commitment to divert as much unnecessary waste from landfills as possible. By choosing to buy products made from recycled materials, you’re helping to preserve this beautiful world and create a more sustainable future for everyone.

They are proud to commit 5% of profits forward to supporting organizations and domestic charities. They believe all companies should give back, but not blindly: organized giving on behalf of businesses can generate substantial support for non-profits. Over the years they’ve developed partnerships with domestic 501c3 charities that are leaders in their field. They call it 5% Forward and it’s their simple way to connect you with domestic 501c3’s that are transparent and effective.

Cuppow loves their customers. They are making a company that does the type of business they would want to support, and they only develop products that they would want to buy. That said, they wouldn’t be here without you and your support means the world to them. Thank you, and they love you!

B-CorpCuppow became a B Corp so that they could formally evaluate their efforts to be a company that aims to offer more than just a product. The way food can be certified organic, or a building LEED certified - B Corp is a certification for businesses. B Corp certification is recognized as the highest standard for companies that benefit society as well as their stakeholders, focused on using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

The Team

AaronAaron is the lead designer and creative director at Cuppow. In 2011, he and Joshua developed the first Cuppow product together. Aaron is keen on designing quality intentional products that are produced in a sustainable way.

JoshuaJoshua is the Operations Director, and co-founded the company in 2011 with Aaron. Joshua believes that individuals have a lasting impact on the world around them, and should do everything they can to leave the world a better place.

GregGreg is the Marketing Manager is the one behind all the social media. He joined Aaron and Josh in 2013 and was the first employee. Greg is dedicated to living lightly on the planet.

AlisonAlison is the Customer Service Manager. She joined the team in 2014, with a passion for problem solving at small, mission-driven companies. She loves helping their customers, the coolest cats around, and spreading smiles near and far.

Their Charity Partners

Living Beyond Breast CancerLiving Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) is dedicated to assisting all women affected by breast cancer, whether newly diagnosed, in treatment, recently completed treatment, are years beyond or are living with metastatic breast cancer. They are also here for family members, caregivers, friends and healthcare providers to provide breast cancer information and support. As a national education and support organization, their goal is to improve quality of life and help women take an active role in ongoing recovery or management of the disease, regardless of educational background, social support or financial means.

Cradles to CrayonsCradles to Crayons provides children from birth through age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations in Massachusetts, with the essential items they need to thrive - at home, at school and at play. They supply these items free of charge by engaging and connecting communities that have with communities that need.

Alliance for the Great LakesAlliance for the Great Lakes serves as the voice of the 40 million people who rely on Great Lakes water for drinking, recreation and commerce. Formed in 1970, it is the oldest independent Great Lakes protection organization in North America. Its mission is to conserve and restore the world’s largest freshwater resource using policy, education and local efforts, ensuring a healthy Great Lakes and clean water for generations of people and wildlife. Its headquarters are in Chicago, with offices in Buffalo, Cleveland, Detroit, Grand Haven and Milwaukee.

Team RubiconTeam Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.


Suggested use

How to Assemble:

  • Unscrew jar lid
  • Replace seal with Cuppow Canning Jar Drinking Lid
  • Screw lid back on jar
  • Rinse and repeat


Made from BPA-free recycled plastic!


Manufacturer info

9 Olive Square
Somerville, MA,
Phone: 617-702-2878 Email: Click here

About Cuppow

Cuppow is an American company that develops everyday products that help people live a low-impact life. Cuppow started by developing a product that would help them decrease their own environmental footprint. Their flagship product is the Cuppow drinking lid for canning jars, a simple adaptor that allows people to upcycle an everyday item into the only travel mug they’ll ever need. They bring this same intention into all of their products by designing for utility and simplicity.


  • Eco Friendly
  • Companies For a Cause
  • BPA-Free
  • Bcorporation "B the Change"
  • Phthalate-Free
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