Spud Scrub Mini Brush Potato Scrubber instructions

 Spud Scrub Mini Brush Potato Scrubber
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MSC International Spud Scrub Mini Brush Potato Scrubber

MSC International Spud Scrub Mini Brush Potato Scrubber is the ultimate tool to cleaning your potatoes. Make your job in the kitchen a little easier as well as bring a smile to your face using the "potato" look-a-like Spud Scrub. Nylon bristles clean all the spots on the potato to remove any remaining dirt from the outside. The top looks like a real potato just pulled out of the ground. The Spud Scrub is a fun and efficient way to clean potatoes perfectly. An outstanding potato brush that comfortably fits your hand for easy use.Gadget galore for every chore! That's right; they have everything to feed your home kitchen gadget needs. Their gadgets are fun, cheerful, and helpful so you can enjoy using them as much as looking at them. Their gadgets can be used by everyone. Their home kitchen gadgets will motivate you to cook everyday because they were created to make your life easier. Cup measurers, ice-cream scoops, egg smashers...and the list goes on and on. Bring out your fun side with their big list of gadget won't be dissapointed.

About MSC International At MSC International, they know how to give kitchens all over the world a new look. Their products are fun, colorful, convenient, and affordable. With their vast selection of kitchen gadgets, you will have an opportunity to get exactly what you need to make your cooking experiences unforgettable. Their stylish accessories are made to simplify your kitchen desires and to make you feel more comfortable and excited about the delights of entertainment dining. If you are looking for kitchen gadgets for yourself or a friend, their diverse selection of products will never bore your imagination. dle

Suggested use

Scrub potatoes using the Mr. Potato Brush for a good 30 seconds and than rinse with water to ensure a thorough cleaning.



Not a toy. Keep away from children and pets.

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Creating contemporary classics in home product designs. MSC measures every aspect of each item to ensure value to the consumer. We are always striving for innovation with a clear focus on quality and performance. The Joie brand exemplifies MSC’s pursuit of the joy of life through a passion for the art of living. Feel the Joie. Live the Joie. Spread the Joie.